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Improper driving operation will reduce the life of auto parts

- May 16, 2017 -

1. The car is in a semi-linked state for a long time

Habitual stepping on the clutch on the clutch damage is relatively large, this problem will often appear in the novice driver who at this time, starting to hang 2 files is one of the reasons for the loss of clutch.

2. Hand brake is not loose to drive

Before the car began to forget to let the hand brake, the vehicle is often running on the brakes, these acts on the brake pads wear more, resulting in damage to the brake pads.

3. The clutch is not completely separated

Driving novice due to lack of car familiarity, driving more tense, often there will not step in the end of the clutch to shift, which easily damage the wheel and gearbox.

4. The brakes do not step on the clutch

Vehicles in the emergency when the brake forced to die tram, this driving habits will lead to vehicle traffic accidents, the harm is relatively large.

5. Do not stop the car to hang up the block

When the vehicle is not stable, the gear is the forward rotation, suddenly reversing the gear will cause the emergency stop will be reverse movement, often so this will cause the wheel wear, gear meshing is not easy to cause the transmission down gear, gearbox overhaul The

Six, hit the road teeth also rampage

Crossing the trench before the slowdown, and not abruptly rushed past, which is not only to ensure the ride comfort, but also on the shock absorber, spring, suspension protection.

Seven, hold down the glass lifter do not let go

When using glass lifts to lift glass, when the glass down to the end or rise to the top, be sure to let go, improper operation easily lead to abnormal glass movements.

Eight, the steering wheel rotation angle is too large

Go to the steering wheel Do not stay in the "dead" state for a long time, which will reduce the service life of the hydraulic booster pump.

Nine, frequent open combination switch

Lights can not frequent switch, we all know that frequent switching lights can cause the lamp, the lights are also a reason.

Many of the auto parts are more fragile, the owners are careful to care when driving your car, not because of these improper driving habits to hurt the car, if these habits to quickly get rid of the.

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