Chery T11 A13A Very Fuel Injector for Engine Part T11-5207327

· OEM No/Model: T115207327
· FOB Price: USD 1-50
· Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
· Minimum Order: 10000 Pieces

Product Details

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Product Name:

Fuel injectors

Size (mm)

Standard Size


 Alloy steel

Car Application

Chery  A13A    

Place of Origin


Delivery Port

Dalian, Horgos





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1. Standard Exporting package

2. Original package or neutral package

3. According to clients ' needs

4. Shipped in10-35 days after payment

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A. SASO for K.S.A

B. CIQ for Egypt, Ethiopia

C. COO, certified CI for Egypt, Argentina

D. Form A for European countries

E. Form E for Malaysia

F. Form F for Chile

G. COC for Algeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Hatti, Nigeria

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As for the cleaning time, according to the condition of the vehicle plus the quality of fuel to determine, in general. Good condition, good fuel quality can be extended to 4 to 60,000 km or so. When the nozzle is slightly blocked, the car has a certain impact. Sometimes there will be such a failure: hang a block, start, the car some jitter, such as hanging upscale, acceleration, this phenomenon disappeared, assuming that the various sensors on the car is working properly, the throttle also cleaned, the circuit is normal , It is likely that there is a slight blockage of the nozzle. However, when the high gear accelerates, it is possible that the slight colloid is sprayed away (dissolved), and the performance of the car resumes. Such a slight plug injector, the general can not be cleaned. Because the slight colloid can be dissolved away. Therefore, in daily driving, you should often run a high-speed, in order to reduce the possibility of coke formation. When the quality of the petrol is poor or the vehicle travel time longer, if the nozzle is not long-term cleaning, the phenomenon of congestion will be more serious, resulting in poor engine fuel injection, injection angle and poor atomization, leading to engine idle speed, acceleration Or working under full load conditions, resulting in a decrease in engine power, fuel consumption, increased emissions, and even inability of the engine to work. Therefore, the nozzle should be carefully cleaned regularly to ensure that it works well.

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