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Auto Parts Replacement Points

- May 16, 2017 -

First, try to use the sealant, if necessary, paint can be used to achieve the ideal sealing effect;

Second, the rubber seal should be carefully checked before the appearance of the quality of the assembly; use of special tools to suppress, to avoid knocking deformation;

Third, according to the provisions of filling lubricants, regular cleaning dredge and check valve;

Fourth, in very clean conditions for assembly, parts of the work surface without bumps, no scratches, burrs and other attachments;

Fifth, strict operating procedures, the seal should be properly installed to prevent not in place can be deformed;

Sixth, master the seal of the performance specifications and the use of requirements, the timely replacement of failure pieces;

Seventh, for the side cover class thin-walled parts, the use of sheet metal cold to do correction; easy to wear shaft hole parts can be used metal spraying, welding, adhesive, mechanical processing and other processes to achieve the original size;

Eighth, nuts slide wire cut off, loose should repair or replace the new pieces, and screw to the specified torque.

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