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Engine Cylinder Sealability Detection

- May 16, 2017 -

There are seven factors that affect the seal of the cylinder, mainly the wear of the cylinder, the piston ring damage, piston wear, valve seat damage, valve tube wear, cylinder pad damage, valve clearance and other aspects of the problem.

What are the commonly used diagnostic methods? Mainly measuring the cylinder pressure, crankcase blowout gas, cylinder leakage and leakage rate, intake pipe vacuum, cylinder piston group due to excessive wear caused by abnormal vibration measurement, the crankcase wear metal is the particle content Of the determination.

For cylinder compression pressure measurements, the pressure is mainly the four-stroke engine compression end. The cylinder piston group can be diagnosed when measuring the pressure of the engine cylinder due to the pressure of the cylinder and the viscosity of the oil and the cylinder piston group, etc., the adjustment of the air distribution mechanism is correct, the sealing of the cylinder pad, etc. Of the sealing situation, if the piston ring, valve, cylinder pad seal if good, then the valve clearance must be appropriate.

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