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Car Maintenance

- Mar 15, 2018-

Automobile maintenance technology is a method of using a production tool to maintain a car according to certain technical requirements. According to different operating characteristics and execution conditions, vehicle maintenance has the following different methods of operation: cleaning, inspection, replenishment, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, replacement, etc.

The main purpose of cleaning is to clean vehicle exterior dirt, clean the cab and inside of the vehicle body, keep dirt on the surfaces of various parts of the engine and chassis, keep the fuel, oil, air cleaners, and batteries clean, and clean the inserts of the tire. The main content of the inspection is to inspect the appearance of various automobile assemblies and institutions, check the tightness of the external connection bolts of various parts, check the technical conditions of the electrical, lighting, signal, instrumentation equipment, check the tire pressure and the damage of the tire. Supply is mainly to inspect the working fluid of fuel, lubricating oil, coolant, brake fluid, battery electrolyte, and air-conditioning devices. It is added as needed and inflated with insufficient air pressure according to regulations. Lubrication is carried out regularly according to the lubricating oil (fat) specified in the Lubrication Chart of the motor vehicle. Each lubricant nozzle and vent plug must be installed and kept open. Fastening is the fastening point for the exposed parts of the vehicle's various assemblies and mechanisms. It is tightened as required and replaced with missing or damaged fasteners. Adjustments are necessary to make adjustments to automobile assemblies, institutions, and electrical equipment as required to bring them into compliance with technical requirements. The replacement is the replacement of fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, replacement of lubricants, replacement of tires, replacement of tires, replacement of damaged electrical components and wires, etc. as required or required.

Maintenance work is a combination of maintenance processes in a certain way and sequence. Due to different maintenance operations, the maintenance process is also different. There are two types of maintenance operations: positioning operations and flow operations. Positioning operation method refers to the maintenance of the car at a work station, and the workers performing different processes alternately work on the car at the work station. The flow production method means that different maintenance processes are arranged on both sides of the production line in a certain order, the cars flow along the production line, and are stopped at the corresponding stations according to the working time of each process.

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