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Daily Maintenance

- Mar 18, 2018-

Daily maintenance refers to routine maintenance, which is the operation before, during, and after the vehicle is carried out. The driver is responsible for the execution. The operation center is clean, replenish and safe. It is a regular and necessary job to maintain the normal working condition of the vehicle. . The primary maintenance is performed by a professional maintenance company. In addition to routine maintenance work, the operation center focuses on cleaning, lubrication, and fastening, and checks safety components such as brakes and controls. The secondary maintenance is performed by a professional maintenance company. In addition to the primary maintenance work, the operation center focuses on inspections and adjustments, and tires are dismantled for tire replacement. Inspection and diagnosis and technical assessment shall be carried out before secondary maintenance. Based on the results, additional or minor repair projects shall be determined and combined with secondary maintenance. The period of maintenance at all levels depends on the type of vehicle and the operating conditions.

Daily car maintenance is very important. Slight care for routine maintenance will not only cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle but also endanger the safety of driving. Such as the lack of lubricating oil will cause the cylinder to burn tile, a certain part of the malfunction of the vehicle leads to traffic accidents, etc.; conversely, if the daily work is done carefully, not only can the vehicle keep up to date, but also grasp the technical status of the various parts of the vehicle to avoid Mechanical accidents and traffic accidents.

In fact, the daily maintenance work is very simple, summed up is: cleaning, fastening, inspection, and supplement.

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