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The Knowledge Of reversing radar

- Feb 12, 2018-

The reversing radar is designed and developed based on the principle that bats fly at high speed in the dark without colliding with any obstacles. The probes are mounted on the rear bumper and have two, three, four, six and eight probes depending on the price and brand , Ten, twelve, mainly installed in the front and rear bumpers.The probe can be the maximum level of 120 degrees vertical 70 degrees of radiation, up and down search target.Its greatest advantage is to explore those below the bumper and the driver Difficult to see from the rear window of the obstacles, and alarm, such as flower beds, shoulders, squatting children playing in the car and so on.

Reversing radar display mounted on the rearview mirror, which kept reminding the driver how much distance from the back of the vehicle distance, to dangerous distance, the buzzer began to tweet, intermittent / continuous tweet to prompt drivers to Close to obstacles, stop in time.

When the shift lever is in reverse gear, the reversing radar automatically starts to work and the ranging range reaches about 0.2 to 1.8 meters. Therefore, when parking, the driver is very practical.

The reversing radar is equivalent to the ultrasonic probe, the ultrasonic probe can be divided into two categories as a whole: First, the use of electrical methods to produce ultrasound, the second is the use of mechanical methods to produce ultrasound, given the more commonly used is the piezoelectric ultrasonic generator , Which has two wafers and one resonant plate. When the two poles are impressed with a pulse signal whose frequency is equal to the natural oscillation frequency of the piezoelectric wafer, the pressure wafer will resonate and cause the vibration of the resonant plate to turn the mechanical energy into This process of electrical signal, which became the working principle of the ultrasonic probe in order to better study the use of ultrasonic and people have been designed and manufactured a lot of ultrasonic sounder, ultrasonic probe used in the use of car reversing radar.

This principle is used in a non-contact detection technology, the calculation is simple, fast and easy to achieve real-time control for distance measurement, distance accuracy to achieve industrial practical requirements. Parking sensor for ranging, on the A certain time ultrasonic signal emitted in the event of the measured object after the return of the signal wave is received by the reversing radar was used in the ultrasonic signal from transmitting to receiving the echo signal this time to calculate the speed of propagation in the medium , Which can calculate the distance between the probe and the detected object.

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