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The Knowledge Of The Brake Drum

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Brake drum is a component in a braking system that generates a braking force that hinders vehicle movement or movement. In addition to a variety of slow brake devices, almost all the use of fixed components and rotating parts of the working surface friction to produce brake torque friction brake.

At present, all kinds of cars widely used friction brake according to the different rotating elements can be divided into drum and disc two categories. The difference between them is that the rotating element in the drum brake friction pair is the brake drum and the inner surface of the cylinder is the working surface; the rotating element in the disc brake friction pair is a disc-shaped brake disc Both ends are working surfaces.

The brake drum is made of high-strength gray cast iron or alloy cast iron containing Cr as a whole. This brake drum structure is simple, easy processing, heat capacity, but the quality is large, mostly used in heavy vehicles.

Brake drum by the steel plate punching drum and cast iron drum ring composed of two parts, the quality is small, and more for cars and light cars.

Brake drum main body for the light alloy materials (such as aluminum, etc.), lined with cast iron liner. This brake drum is not only a small quality, heat dissipation is also very good, and more for cars.

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