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The Kinds Of The Alternator

- Nov 06, 2017 -

The classification of generators usually has the following three kinds:

1. According to the conversion of energy classification

Converted by the way of energy can be divided into two major categories of AC generators and DC generators.

Alternator is divided into synchronous generator and asynchronous generator two. Synchronous generator is divided into two kinds of salient pole synchronous generator and salient pole synchronous generator. The most common type of modern power station is a synchronous generator, which is rarely used as an asynchronous generator.

Alternator can be divided into single-phase generator and three-phase generator two. Three-phase generator output voltage is 380V, single-phase generator output voltage is 220V.

2. According to excitation classification

Excitation method can be divided into brush excitation generator and brushless excitation generator two categories

Brush excitation generator excitation method for his excitation type, brushless excitation generator excitation mode for the self-excitation. The rectification device of his excitation generator is on the stator of the generator, while the rectification device of the self excitation generator is on the rotor of the generator.

3 driven by power classification

There are many forms of generator drive power, common power engine are:

(1) Wind turbine

The wind generator relies on the wind to drive the generator to rotate to generate the current. The generator is a pollution-free generator without extra energy consumption.

(2) hydroelectric generator

Hydraulic generator is the use of water gap, generating power, drive generator power generation, but also the use of green natural resources power generation equipment, also known as hydroelectric generator

(3) Fuel generators

Fuel generators rely on the combustion of diesel or gasoline to generate power to drive the generator set. Using a small fuel generator can play an emergency role. In the event of a power outage, you can start the fuel-fired generator to maintain normal operation.

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