The Knowledge Of The Cylinder Head Gasket

- Nov 02, 2017 -

The engine cylinder head burns and compresses the leak is a common failure. The engine cylinder head burns greatly deteriorates the working conditions and does not even work properly, possibly due to damage to the relevant parts or parts; in the engine compression and operation, it is necessary to ensure that the upper part of the piston is well sealed and not leaking. Combined with the phenomenon of cylinder pad combustion and compression system, the phenomenon of leakage signs, the reasons for the failure of the analysis pointed out that to prevent the occurrence of failure and troubleshooting methods to run effectively.

Due to the different position of the cylinder pad, the failure of the mark is different:

1, between two adjacent channel gases

Do not open the premise of decompression, shake the crankshaft, feel the pressure of the two tanks is not enough to start the engine work black smoke phenomenon, the engine speed decreased significantly, indicating insufficient power.

2, cylinder head leak

The compressed high pressure gas flies into the cylinder head bolt hole or leaks from the junction of the cylinder head and the body. There will be a leak in the presence of light yellow foam, when the "adjacent" sound will have a serious blow, sometimes accompanied by leakage or oil spills, disassembly inspection can see the corresponding cylinder head and its adjacent cylinder head bolt hole in the obvious Of carbon deposition.

3, fuel oil oil channel

The high pressure gas enters the engine body and the cylinder head connected to the engine of the lubricating oil. Oil pan oil temperature in the engine has been running very high, the viscosity of the oil thinner, reduce the pressure, deterioration speed, sent to the top of the cylinder head oil engine with oil.

4, high pressure gas into the cooling water jacket

When the engine cooling water temperature is below 50 ℃, open the tank cover, you can see the tank bubble has a more obvious rise, accompanied by a large number of hot air from the tank mouth, with the engine temperature gradually increased from the mouth of the heat The air is also increasing. In this case, if the tank overflow pipe obstruction, the water tank will be filled with water will flow, you will see the bubble phenomenon is more obvious, there will be serious boiling phenomenon.

5, the engine cylinder and cooling water jacket or lubricating oil channel

Will be in the water tank above the cooling water floating yellow or black oil or oil in the oil pan obviously moisture, when the two channeling serious, will make water or oil.

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