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Consist Of Air Conditioning System

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Modern air conditioning system consists of refrigeration system, heating system, ventilation and air purification devices and control system.

Automotive air conditioners generally consist of compressors, electronically controlled clutches, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, receiver driers, hoses, condensing fans, vacuum Solenoid valve (vacuumsolenoid), idling and control system and other components. Divided into high-pressure automotive air conditioning and low-pressure pipelines. The high pressure side includes the compressor output side, high pressure line, condenser, receiver drier and liquid line; the low side includes evaporator, accumulator, return line, compressor input side and compressor oil sump.

Stock Dryer - is actually a device that stores refrigerant and absorbs refrigerant moisture and impurities. On the one hand, it is the equivalent of a car's fuel tank, refilling the refrigerant to lend more space to the refrigerant. On the other hand, it filter out the impurities in the refrigerant like an air cleaner. Liquid desiccator also contains a certain amount of silicone material, play a role in absorbing water.

Condensers and evaporators - although they are not the same as the name, but the structure is similar. They are in a row of winding pipe covered with heat dissipation sheet metal, in order to achieve the outside air and the pipe material heat exchange device. Condenser condensation refers to the cooling of the refrigerant inside the pipe from the gas condensate liquid. Its principle and the engine cooling tank similar (only difference is that the water tank has been liquid only), so it is often installed in the front, together with the tank, to enjoy the cool breeze from the front.

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