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- Nov 20, 2017 -

Starter working principle is the transformation process of energy based on the Ampere's law that we come into contact with physics in junior middle school, that is, the role of the conductive conductor in the magnetic field. The motor includes the necessary armatures, commutators, poles, brushes, bearings and housings.

The engine must rotate by external force before it runs on its own power. Engine with the help of external force from the static transition to the process of self-running, known as the engine start. The common starting method of the engine is manpower starting, auxiliary gasoline engine starting and power starting in three forms. Manpower start using rope pull or hand mode, simple but inconvenient, and labor-intensive, only applies to some low-power engine, reserved for some vehicles only as a backup; auxiliary gasoline engine is mainly used in high-power Diesel engine; power starting mode is easy to operate, start fast, with the ability to start repeatedly, and can be remotely controlled, it is widely used by Hyundai Motor.

In the three components of the starter motor parts generally no essential differences, according to the form of the DC motor can be divided into ordinary starter and permanent magnet starter; control device and the transmission mechanism are very different, it is generally According to the different control devices and transmission to classification.

(1) by control device classification

① Direct Controlled Starter It is controlled by foot or hand lever linkage directly to the starter circuit breaker to connect or disconnect the main circuit, also known as mechanical starter. Although this method has the advantages of simple structure and reliable operation, it is seldom adopted due to the limitation of installation layout due to the starter and the battery are required to be close to the cab.

② solenoid operated starter It is controlled by the button or ignition switch, and then by the relay control of the starter switch to turn on or off the main circuit, also known as electromagnetic starter. This approach can achieve long-distance control, easy to work, widely used in modern cars.

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