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Timing Belt

- Nov 28, 2017-

The role of the timing belt is played up and down, the upper connection is the engine cylinder head timing wheel, the lower connection is the crankshaft timing wheel; timing wheel connected to the camshaft, the camshaft has a cam, and its contact point Is a small rocker arm, the rocker through the timing belt to bring the power generated pressure, played the role of jacking; jacking the role of the intake valve is to allow atomized gasoline into the cylinder, the top of the exhaust valve is let Exhaust gas discharged from the cylinder body; when the camshaft depression (Note: not raised place) at the same time contact with the small rocker arm, this time the intake valve, exhaust valve are closed, the compression ratio, distributor ignition, internal combustion Start and generate power!

Timing belts belong to the consumables, and the timing belt once broken, of course, camshaft does not operate according to the timing, then most likely lead to the valve and the piston caused serious damage, so the timing belt must be based on the original factory The specified mileage or time to replace.

During the operation of the automobile engine, the four processes of intake, compression, explosion and exhaust occur continuously in the cylinder, and the timing of each step must be matched with the movement state and position of the piston so that the intake and exhaust and Pistons lift and coordinate with each other, the timing belt in the engine which plays a "bridge" role, the power of the crankshaft will be passed to the corresponding parts. There are many luxury cars to ensure the stability of the timing system, the use of metal chains instead of belts. Due to the vehicle timing cogged belt will cause damage to the internal valve of the engine damage, a greater hazard, it is generally manufacturers have a timing belt replacement cycle.

Timing Belts Belong to rubber parts. As engine operating time increases, timing belts and timing belt attachments, such as timing belt tensioners, timing belt tensioners and water pumps, can wear out or become worn out. Therefore, any timing belt equipped with the engine, the manufacturers will have strict requirements, periodically change the timing belt and accessories within the prescribed cycle, the replacement cycle varies with the engine structure, usually in the vehicle to 6 Million ~ 100,000 km should be replaced, the specific replacement cycle should be based on vehicle maintenance manual shall prevail.

Timing belt is generally considered in the 80000 km replacement. Even if you have a timing belt on the car, once it breaks, you can not change it. Therefore, when the total driving distance reached 80,000, it is recommended to consider replacement. The timing belt is behind the radiator fan.

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