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Continuous damping control system CDC works principle

- Feb 24, 2018-

Continuous Damping Control System The core components of the CDC consist of a central control unit, a CDC damper, a body acceleration sensor, a wheel acceleration sensor, and a CDC control valve. The shock absorber is based on a conventional hydraulic shock absorber structure. The shock absorber Inside the injection of oil, both inside and outside the chamber, the oil can flow through the pores between the two chambers Unicom, the wheel bumps, the piston within the absorber will move up and down within the sleeve, the cavity Of the oil in the piston reciprocating motion between the two chambers back and forth flow. The mutual friction between the oil molecules and the friction between the oil and the hole wall form a resistance to the movement of the piston and convert the kinetic energy of vibration into heat which is dissipated into the air through the shock absorber shell so as to realize the shock absorber Of the "damping" process, while the CDC system in the "pores" on the issue, through the electronic control valve to change the cross-sectional area of the communication between the two chambers at a certain flow rate, the cross-sectional area of the size and fluid resistance Inversely, this changes the resistance of the fluid to reciprocate between the chambers, resulting in a change in damper damping.

CDC system based on vehicle body acceleration sensor, wheel acceleration sensor, and lateral acceleration sensor and other sensors to determine the vehicle traveling state, by the central control unit ECU computing, then ECU on the shock absorber CDC control valve issued by the corresponding instructions , Control the opening of the valve to provide damping to suit the current state.

In actual driving, CDC in the face of bumpy road can greatly weaken the vibration from the road and the spring bounce, so that the body to maintain stability, in theory, the CDC can do when the wheel up and down the violent shaking, the body only As the sea boat generally ups and downs. In the fierce driving while they can improve the suspension of damping, providing adequate support, and make the chassis respond more quickly and improve vehicle handling. Vehicles using the CDC system have a shorter braking distance than vehicles without this system. The application of the CDC is not limited to cars, but can also be used for commercial vehicles such as large passenger cars and trucks.

Data show that the car's CDC system can read the vehicle's driving data within 1 millisecond, and in the same short period of time to complete the shock absorber adjustment. In other words, in theory, the system can work at frequencies up to 1000 times per second.

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