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The knowledge of wiper blade

- Feb 28, 2018-

The wiper power source comes from the motor, which is the heart of the entire wiper system. Wiper motor quality requirements are quite high. It uses a DC permanent magnet motor, mounted on the front windshield wiper motor and the worm gear is generally made of mechanical parts. Worm gear mechanism is the role of deceleration by twisting, the output shaft drive four-bar linkage, through the four-bar linkage mechanism to change the continuous rotation of the left-right swing movement.

Wiper motor with 3 brush structure to facilitate speed. Intermittent time controlled by the intermittent relay, the use of the motor's return switch contacts and relay resistor capacitance charging and discharging function to make Wiper sweep in accordance with a certain cycle. Wiper blade scraping rubber is a direct removal of rain and dirt on the glass tool. The blade is pressed against the glass surface by the spring bar and its lip must be aligned with the glass angle to achieve the required performance.

Under normal circumstances in the car switch handle wiper control knob, with low speed, high speed, intermittent 3 stalls. The top of the handle is the washer button switch, press the switch to wash water spray, with the windshield wiper windshield. Scrubber system is a very common car on the device, which consists of water tanks, pumps, pipes, nozzles. One storage tank is generally 1.5 liters ~ 2 liters of plastic tank, the pump is a micro-electric centrifugal pump, the water tank through the wash water to the nozzle, the nozzle will be squeezed 2 to 4 will be Wash water into a small jet to the windshield, with wipers play a role in cleaning the windshield

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