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auto ac compressor

- Jan 11, 2018-

Rotary vane compressor cylinder shape round and oval 2 kinds. In a circular cylinder, the main shaft of the rotor has an eccentricity from the center of the cylinder so that the rotor abuts against the suction and exhaust holes on the inner surface of the cylinder. In oval cylinders, the rotor's major axis coincides with the center of the ellipse.

The vane on the rotor divides the cylinder into several spaces. When the spindle drives the rotor to rotate for one week, the volume of these spaces constantly changes. The volume and temperature of the refrigerant vapors also change in these spaces. Rotary vane compressors do not have suction valves because the vanes accomplish the task of sucking in and compressing the refrigerant. If there are 2 blades, the spindle rotates twice a week for 2 times. The more blades, the smaller the compressor exhaust.

As the third generation of compressors, rotary vane compressors due to the small size and weight can be easily arranged in a narrow engine compartment, combined with small noise and vibration, and the advantages of high volume efficiency in the automotive air conditioning system Has been a certain application. However, rotary vane compressors require high machining accuracy and high manufacturing cost.

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