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Classified By Tire Usage

- Feb 02, 2018-

1. Car tires - is a tire mounted on a car, it is mainly used for good high-speed exercise on the road, the maximum travel speed of up to 200 km / h, requires ride comfort, low noise, with good maneuverability and stability Sex. Tire structure most of the meridian structure. According to the requirements of the travel speed is divided into different series, in the standard and manual are 95,88 series of bias tires, 80,75,70,65 series of radial tires.

2. Light Truck Tires - Generally referred to truck wheels of 9 inches or more in width and less than 16 inches in rim diameter. Such tires are mainly driving on the road, driving speeds up to 80 ~ 100km / h.

3. Truck and Bus Tires Usually refers to tires with a rim diameter of 18-24 inches and a cross-sectional area of 7 inches and over for trucks, dump trucks, all purpose vehicles and trailers. The driving road is more complex, with good asphalt road, there are poor gravel road, dirt road, muddy road, snow road, and even without road conditions, driving speed is generally not more than 80km / h.

4. Construction Machinery Tire - - Construction machinery tires are used on special purpose construction machinery vehicles such as loaders, bulldozers, excavators, leveling land machines, road rollers and stone working machines. Driving speed is not high, but the use of the road conditions and load performance demanding. Tires are mainly used to bias the structure of the tire, but as France's Michelin (Cantonese, Mandarin called Michelin) companies also use meridian structure. From the tire section width classification can be divided into two types of standard tires and wide tires.

5. Off-road car tires - off-road vehicles for the front and rear wheel drive. Off-road vehicle tires mainly travel on bad pavement such as desert, muddy, soft soil or other road without pavement, which requires high passing performance of tires, off-road tires often adopt low pressure, and some also use tire of regulated pressure, according to road conditions To adjust the size of the tire pressure. In order to improve the cross-country through the general adoption of widening tire cross-section and rim width, and reduce the rim diameter and other measures to increase the ground area and reduce the grounding pressure. Tire structure in addition to the use of bias tire structure, but also the radial structure.

6. Agriculture and forestry machinery Tires - Agricultural tires are mainly used on tractors, Combine harvesters and farm machinery vehicles. Forestry machinery Tires installed in forestry tractors and forestry machinery, logging, timber, shoveling and excavation and other operations. Both tires are characterized by low speed requirements, but the harsh conditions of their use, often in poor conditions in the field of roads and hard stubble or Shizuishan Road, or even the road without a tire, the tire is easy to scratch Or cut. Another feature is the intermittent operation, short mileage, but the longer life, so the requirements of the tire has good flex cracking resistance and aging resistance. Tire bias structure to the main, but also the meridian structure.

7. Industrial Vehicle Tires - Pneumatic tires, semi-solid tires and solid tires mainly used in industrial vehicles. Sub-battery car tires, forklift tires and flatbed tires and so on.

8. Motorcycle tires - for tires on motorcycles. Including motorcycle tires, moped tires and small diameter motorcycle tires.

9. Aerospace Tires - used for pneumatic tires on aircraft.

10. Special vehicle tires - including cannon tires, tank tires, armored car tires, desert tires, explosion-proof vehicle tires and so on.

11. Rickshaws - Pneumatic tires for bicycles, tricycles and trolleys.

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