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Classified By Tire Structural Design

- Feb 05, 2018-

Divided into bias line tires, radial tires. The fundamental difference between a radial tire and a bias line tire lies in the carcass. The bias of the carcass is a diagonal crossed plies; and radial tire carcass is a multi-layer polymer cross-linked material, the top layer is composed of several layers of steel wire cord, can reduce the tire is punctured foreign body Chances

Oblique tire cords crossed by diagonal cross, so named. The characteristics of the tread and sidewall strength, but the sidewall stiffness greater, poor comfort, due to the movement and friction between the ply at high speed, not suitable for high-speed. With the continuous improvement of radial tires, bias tires will basically be eliminated.

Radial tire cords arranged in the same direction as the tire meridian section, and its ply corresponds to the basic skeleton of the tire. As the tire to bear greater tangential force, in order to ensure the stability of the cord, in its outer layer and several layers of high-strength, not easy to stretch the material made of the belt (also known as the tightening layer) , Its cord direction and the meridian section showed a larger angle. Skewed line tires are designed to have many limitations, such as increased wear of the tread due to intense heat of the carcass due to the crossed cords, and their cord layouts do not well provide excellent Of the handling and comfort; and radial tire in the steel ribbon has good flexibility to adapt to irregular road surface impact, but also durable, and its cord structure also means that the car has a smaller than the bias line Much more friction results in longer tread life and better fuel economy.

At the same time radial tire itself has the characteristics of the tire tubeless possible. Tubeless tires have the recognized advantage that when a tire is punctured it does not burst like the inline tire (which is very dangerous) but allows the tire to maintain atmospheric pressure for a while and improve the car Driving safety. In addition, compared with bias line tires, radial tires and better grip.

Compared with the ordinary diagonal tire, the radial tire has the advantages of large elasticity, good wear resistance, small rolling resistance, good adhesion, good cushioning performance and large carrying capacity, and is not easily punctured. The disadvantage is that the side wall is easy to breach due to the large lateral deformation , Resulting in a little lateral stability of the car, high manufacturing technology, high cost.

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