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Maintenance taboos for cars

- Mar 15, 2018-

First, avoid running the engine for a long time in an unventilated garage. The exhaust gas emitted by the engine contains carbon monoxide, which is an invisible and smelly gas. Prolonged exposure to low concentrations of carbon monoxide can cause headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, dejection, mental confusion, and even brain damage. If the engine is started in a garage, the garage door should be opened or the exhaust device should be opened in order to discharge the exhaust gas from the garage at any time. Do not stay near a working engine exhaust pipe for a long time even if you work in open air.

Second, avoid using the mouth suction tube. Gasoline is not only flammable, but toxic. In particular, leaded gasoline can damage people's nervous system, digestive tract and kidneys. In addition, gasoline also contains high concentrations of sulfides, because hydrogen sulfide is also a certain degree of toxicity, if you inhale gasoline, it will lead to poisoning or death. In case of inhalation, you should force yourself to vomit and go to the hospital for treatment.

Third, avoid sticking with carburetor cleaning agent. Most carburetor cleaners contain methyl chloride, aromatics, and ethanol, all of which are toxic. Therefore, these substances are inhaled into the nose or splashed on the skin and eyes, and are dangerous. .

Fourth, avoid mechanical damage. The maintenance of the car is related to various aspects. When performing the maintenance operation, an obvious operation mark should be set to prevent other people from being injured by misoperation. When starting the car, pay attention to the gear position of the transmission to prevent accidental injury. When working under the bonnet, let other people leave the cab to prevent the engine from turning abruptly or other people operating the mechanism and causing accidental injury. If you need to work under the car, you should set up a clear sign and cover up the car. When jacks are used, the jacks should be placed smoothly. You should prepare your driving tools (drive bench) before driving, and prohibit bricks and other fragile objects. When installing the assembly, do not test the screw holes, keyholes, etc. by hand to avoid rolling off fingers. When testing the engine, you must not work under the car.

Fifth, avoid fire. When maintaining a car, it is often necessary to use flammable and explosive materials such as oil and cleaning agents. Don't forget the fire protection measures at this time, and prepare a fire extinguisher just in case. Do not smoke near fuel tanks and accumulators because combustible gases escaping from the fuel tank and hydrogen escaping from the batteries are easily ignited.

Six, avoid burns. In engines that have just turned off, due to the relatively high temperatures of the various parts of the engine (water tanks, exhaust pipes, power steering fluid tanks, spark plugs, etc.), care must be taken to prevent burns. If the engine temperature is high, do not remove the water tank cover or loose open water switch to prevent burns.

7. Avoid damage to cars. The brake fluid can damage the paint film of the car (including the paint film of the shoe), and it can quickly dissolve the paint film. Brake fluid is harmful to the eyes. If it is splashed into the eyes, it must be immediately rinsed with clean water.

VIII. Avoid avoiding rotating parts and automobile road tests. When the engine is running, be aware that hands, clothing, and tools must leave the rotating fan and fan belt (preferably remove worn rings, watches, ties, etc.). During the trial run, the condition of various parts of the car should ensure safe stopping and steering. Road test cars must have obvious test marks. During the trial run, personnel must be safe and on a dedicated test track.

Nine, do not pay attention to the cleaning of the workplace. When closing the engine cover or other assembly cover, check whether the items such as tools, rags, and removed parts are forgotten and wait until they are confirmed.

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