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The History Of Tires

- Feb 02, 2018-

The earliest tires were made of wood, as can be seen from ancient Chinese chariots and from foreign gentry wagons. Later, when explorer Columbus explored the New World for the second time in 1493-14, reaching the island of Haiti in the West Indies, he was taken aback by discovering rubber lumps played by children in the area. Later, he brought this wonderful thing back to the motherland. After a few years, the rubber was widely used and the wheels gradually changed from wood into hard rubber. But this time the rubber tire is still solid, walking up very uncomfortable, but also a lot of noise. Until 1845, a Scottish-born civil technician, R. Tom Thomson, invented a pneumatic tire and won a British government patent on the title "Wheels and Other Vehicles for Wheel Improvement." December 10 the same year the first pneumatic tire was born. The first person to buy pneumatic tires called Raleigh, is a nobility, the price of four tires a total of 44 pounds of two shillings. 1847 "Science · USA" magazine introduced Thomson's pneumatic tires, call it epoch-making improvement. However, the British at that time paid too much attention to the traditional gentrification. In order to protect the carriage and limit the development of steam cars, the speed of the car was limited to 2 mph (3.2km / h) and 4miles (6.4km / h) in the suburbs. In this way, Thomson's invention will have no market, so slowly it will be forgotten. In other words, Thomson's first tire revolution did not bring the same light as the sun to mankind, because the darkness that mankind should experience seems to have not come to an end. But the sun was always coming out because humans and everything needed it. Over 40 years later, in 1888, Mr. J. Dunlop, a veterinarian in Ireland, got the patented pneumatic tire. At that time, Mr.J.D. Dunlop 10-year-old son Jonny bought a tricycle, but because the tires were also made of hard rubber solid tires, so walking on a rocky road very not Comfortable, son's complaints inspired Mr. Dunlop's inspiration, so the forgotten 40 years of pneumatic tires come out again. With the progress of the times, the pneumatic tire invented by Mr. Dunlop was soon applied to bicycles and quickly moved into the field of automobiles, making a significant contribution to the development of the world automobile industry.

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