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The Work Principle Of Air Conditioning System

- Jan 18, 2018-

Automotive air conditioning and refrigeration systems consist of compressor, condenser, receiver drier, expansion valve, evaporator and blower and other components. Between the various components using brass (or aluminum) and high-pressure rubber pipe connected into a closed system. Refrigeration system work, the refrigerant circulating in different states in this closed system, each cycle has four basic processes: 1, the compression process: the compressor sucked into the evaporator outlet of low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas, put it Compressed to high temperature and pressure of the gas discharge compressor. 2, the cooling process: high temperature and pressure overheating refrigerant gas into the condenser, due to the pressure and temperature decreases, the refrigerant gas condensed into liquid, and emit a lot of heat. 3, the throttling process: the temperature and pressure of the liquid refrigerant through the expansion device after the larger the volume, a sharp drop in pressure and temperature to the mist (small droplets) out of the expansion device. 4, endothermic process: mist liquid refrigerant into the evaporator, so when the boiling point of the refrigerant is far lower than the evaporator temperature, so the refrigerant liquid evaporated into gas. In the evaporation process to absorb a lot of heat around, and then low temperature and low pressure refrigerant vapor into the compressor again. The above process is carried out cyclically, to achieve the purpose of reducing the temperature of the air around the evaporator.

Automatic air conditioning features include auto temperature and humidity control, return air and air mode automatic control and operation mode and ventilation control and other functions. Electronic control unit will be based on the driver or passenger through the air conditioner display control panel buttons set to make the air conditioning system automatically run and based on various sensors input signal to the supply air temperature and air supply speed to adjust, So that the car's air environment to maintain the best condition.

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