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Car maintenance precautions

- Mar 24, 2018-

First, the maintenance of the car engine

Car engines should be cleaned at the right time. Because long-term use will form a thick layer of coke on the surface of the engine, which will cause greater corrosion of rubber components in the engine.

Second, gasoline and water must be prevented from evaporation

In summer, temperatures are generally high. Therefore, gasoline and water are easier to evaporate than usual. Because the tanks and tanks should be inspected frequently, timely additions should be made when petrol and water are relatively small.

Third, the interior of the car should pay attention to health

Summer is the fastest growing season for bacteria. Therefore, the interior of the car should be kept clean. Special car seats, car steering wheel covers, and car mats are easily dirty.

Fourth, automotive wipers should be replaced

When driving on a rainy day, you must pay attention to whether the wiper is good or not. The rubber blade on the wiper that is relatively long will be aged. In order to drive in rainy conditions, you have better sight of the driver. The wiper of the car is best replaced once or twice a year.

Fifth, car mats to be updated

A good car cooler pad is an important choice for car sunscreen in hot season. Choose a cushion that is cool and not too slippery. So as to avoid traffic accidents caused by body slipping while driving.

Six, the car body must also be maintained

UV damage to the car is also great, such as the penetration of paint. Everyone may notice that the color of the body of the car has become pale and yellow after being exposed to sunlight for a long time. Therefore, waxing and sealing glazes for cars in the summer can protect the car.

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