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Car maintenance in winter

- Mar 19, 2018-

Pay attention to the warmth of the "foot"

Tyres are an essential item for every maintenance. First of all, it is necessary to have normal tire pressure. In the winter, the temperature is low, and the air pressure should be properly replenished to keep it within the specified air pressure range. The proper contact pressure between the tire pressure and the road surface is small and the friction force is small, which not only effectively protects the tire surface, but also improves the vehicle fuel economy. If the owner does not know what the normal tire pressure should be, check the User Manual for the ideal tire pressure for the tire. Secondly, to clean the surface of the tire regularly, due to the cold weather, the hard impurities contained in the tire can easily break through the tire and cause it to leak. When it comes to shop maintenance, it is important to lift the vehicle and inspect the surface of the tire.

To clear the line of sight

The fogging of the windows brings a lot of trouble to the traffic, especially in the front gear. Pay special attention to whether the air exit from the air outlet is normal and whether the heat is enough. If problems occur, they must be promptly resolved. In addition, it is useful to master one or two good demisting methods. For example, prepare a dry towel in the car and wipe the glass while parking. In addition to this original method, air-conditioning hot air blowing can also be used, but with this method the fog disappears slowly. In short, owners can choose according to their own habits and preferences.

Fold attention to keep warm

Antifreeze is a major concern for winter owners, especially for northern owners. A good car startup means saving time and money. First, replace antifreeze in time. Antifreeze has antifreeze, anti-boil, anti-corrosion, and anti-scaling effects. However, if the freezing point of antifreeze exceeds the outdoor temperature, it is very easy to freeze, which may eventually lead to freezing of the tank. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the freezing point of antifreeze in time. If the antifreeze used in summer is tap water, it should be replaced in time. Second, a good car start system is necessary, especially for the pickup truck type. The German GSK GSK glow plug used in the wind pickup truck can be successfully started at minus 35°C at one time. In addition, pay attention to parking shelter, timely stamping clothing, slow start, etc. should also pay attention to daily antifreeze.

Folding engine

The engine is the most important part of a car. It is like the heart of a person and the foundation of a building. In the winter, it is often difficult to start the vehicle and it is easy to turn off the engine after start-up. This is because the oil flows at a low temperature.

The performance is deteriorated, and it is impossible to quickly reach each friction surface at the instant of starting. The lack of necessary lubrication of the various metal components causes dry friction, which greatly increases the resistance of the movement and causes the vehicle to be difficult to start. These damages to the engine are very large.

1. If the oil is changed in time, once the oil is black, thin and sandy, you should stop using it immediately. If you do not change the oil or use deteriorating oil for a long time, it will not only fail to lubricate but also damage the engine. When replacing the oil, it is recommended to replace the filter at the same time. In order to prevent the dirt in the old filter from damaging the quality of the new oil, the new oil will be changed.

2, the use of lower viscosity oil, low viscosity oil flow better, can effectively reduce engine wear.

3, Before the cold start, must preheat the car. The main thing is to reduce the wear, so that the engine can achieve normal fit clearance and maintain the best working condition.

4, the use of some maintenance products, such as antifreeze, some products work well.

Folding body

1, Do a comprehensive inspection of the car, if found on the surface of the car body damage, scratches, damaged skin, paint treatment should be done in time. Avoid exposing the sheet metal to the outside for a long time, resulting in surface corrosion affecting the life of the car. In addition, it can also make the car more beautiful and bright.

2. Clean the accumulated snow and accumulated rain on the surface of the car, and other dirt and other dirt to protect the car paint and keep it beautiful.

3, to wax the body to protect the paint, but also antifreeze, anti-corrosion, anti-rust.

Folding tires

When the tires reach the winter, the rubber will become hard and it will become relatively brittle, and the friction coefficient will be reduced. This requires the tire pressure to be too high, but not too low, the outside temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low,

severe soft tires can accelerate aging and aggravate tire contact with the ground, which will accelerate friction and reduce tire life. Therefore, the maintenance of the tires is also very important.

1, choose a better winter tires for replacement. As the weather is cold, the tire rubber will harden in the summer. Even if many cars are equipped with all-season tires, the frozen, wet and slippery surfaces will test the grip of the tires. For driving safety, it is necessary to replace the winter tires.

2, pay attention to the tire pressure of the vehicle to ensure that the front and rear tires on each side are completely in contact with the ground, to achieve the best grip, at the same time, the right tire pressure can reduce road vibration, increase driving comfort, and save fuel for the owners.

3, pay attention to the tire side of the maintenance, we must regularly check to ensure that the intact, driving safety.

Folding brake system

The brake system is vital to the safety of the driver. Once the brake system fails during driving, it often leads to a major traffic accident.

1, In time to replace the brake pads, although there are warning systems, some of them directly sense the thickness of the brake pads. Some of them are completely worn out after the brake pads have been cut. The brake fluid is therefore extremely low, and the warning light is turned on. Therefore, you should not blindly believe the warning lights. You should check regularly whether the brake pads can be used.

2, In the maintenance of the brake system, regular inspection of the brake fluid level is the most important. At least once a month check, more often than not.

Folding car glass

The clarity of automotive glass is an important factor that affects driving safety.

1, The inside and outside glass of the car, the rear-view mirror, etc. should be frequently scrubbed to prevent the stains that are difficult to remove due to not scrubbing for a long time.

2, When it rains, we often hang raindrops on the windshield and rearview mirror. At this time, we need a rainproof agent. Rain Enemy has a powerful anti-rain water function, can make the car glass has a lotus effect, so that raindrops can not be scattered on the glass to affect the line of sight. Add security for driving safety.

3, The temperature difference in the winter room is very large, and often causes the mist on the inner wall of our car glass. It affects our sight very much. Many people are very upset about this. At this time we need anti-fog agents. There are many anti-fogging agents available on the market. We must choose the correct and effective products. Similarly, Fanxoo anti-fogging agents are also very good. As long as it is wiped with a paper towel on the inner wall of the glass, it can play a role in anti-fog, with a clear vision. In addition, it can also stain the glass dirt, etc., making our windshield bright as new.

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