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Car maintenance in summer

- Mar 17, 2018-

Summer temperatures rise, the sun often explodes, the car paint is obviously bad, for car owners caring for their own car face, we must pay attention to protect the car paint, often car wash and waxing. If you also want to do more thorough protection work for your car paint surface, if you want to do more thorough protection work, it is recommended to do a paint sealing or coating, and put a layer of “crystal protective clothing” on the car paint. .

Folding prevents evaporation

Higher temperatures in summer, oil and water evaporation will increase, so be sure to cover the fuel tank cap tightly, the oil pipe to prevent leakage; often check the water level of the tank, crankcase oil level, height, brake master cylinder Brake fluid level and battery electrolyte density and liquid level and so on. When it is not stipulated, add and adjust in time.

Folding prevents puncture

In summer, the road surface temperature is high, and the use environment of automobile tires is even worse. Therefore, attention must be paid to the inspection and maintenance of automobile tires, and the tire pressure should be regularly checked to prevent punctures.

Folding inspection brake system

Summer is a rainy season. During the rainy season, wet road surface causes a decrease in the friction coefficient between the tire and the road surface. Especially in the case of water accumulated at the tread of the tire, the coefficient of friction is lower. A sensitive braking system is particularly important, so check it often. Take a brake system and try to be prepared.

Keep it clean and tidy

In the summer of love-driven windows, various harmful gases and pollutants will adhere to the seats and ceilings of the velvet fabric fabrics, and they should be cleaned frequently. Plastic parts such as dashboards and door trims should be cleaned and cleaned with a universal brush. In order to prevent surface cracking and aging after UV irradiation, a layer of surface wax can be applied after cleaning. Prevention of overheating of the engine: high ambient temperature in summer, the engine is prone to overheating. Therefore, in the summer, inspection and maintenance of the engine cooling system should be strengthened, including water tanks, thermostats, water pumps, fans, etc., and cooling water should be added in time. When the water temperature exceeds 100°C, cool down in the cool place, allow the engine to run idly, and open the hood to facilitate heat dissipation.

Collapsible spontaneous combustion

In addition to the auto-ignition of automobiles in summer, some of them are the causes of design failures of certain models, and improper operation or hidden dangers are also the main causes of auto-ignition. Because summer temperatures are high, the auto's own failure rate is greatly increased, so it should be Do a good job in the inspection of automobiles, focus on checking the oil and electricity lines of automobiles, and find that the aging of the lines should be promptly repaired to prevent spontaneous combustion.

Friction against poor lubrication

In summer, the temperature is relatively high, and the automotive lubricating oil is vulnerable to heat thinning, which results in deterioration of its oxidation resistance, perishability, and even the failure of the bearing bushes and the like. Therefore, the quantity of oil and the condition of oil should be checked frequently and replaced in a timely manner. It is also best not to use different brands of lubricants.

Folding the correct use of air conditioning

As the temperature rises in summer, the importance of air conditioning suddenly emerges. Attention must be paid to the following matters when using air conditioners, otherwise it is easy to damage air conditioners or cause unnecessary waste of electricity and electricity.

Folding anti-air mixture too thick

Because of the high temperature, the gasoline flows easily, and because of the expansion of the orifice, the flow of gasoline increases, and the gasoline easily evaporates, causing the mixture to be too concentrated. Therefore, small holes should be adjusted to adjust the position of the acceleration device and the throttle rocker arm, and the oil level of the float chamber should be properly reduced to reduce the oil supply.

Fold Note "Antifreeze"

In summer, some people think that antifreeze cannot be used and can be replaced by ordinary tap water. In fact, this is not a proper practice. Professionally formulated antifreeze is not only resistant to low temperatures, but also has a particularly good resistance to high temperatures. High-quality antifreeze can be “boiled” when it is near 200°C. With antifreeze in summer, owners are less likely to be troubled by the “opening pan” of the tank. In addition, antifreeze has rust and descaling. Therefore, it is still necessary to use the original antifreeze in the summer, which can play the role of “heat-stroke cooling”.

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