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The cycle of change the oil

- Mar 22, 2018-

How often does the oil change? How much oil does it need to change every time? About the oil replacement cycle and the amount of use is a matter of special concern to everyone, the most direct is to look at their own vehicle maintenance manual, the above generally have a very clear introduction. However, many people's maintenance manuals have long disappeared. At this time, you need to know more about them. In general, the oil replacement cycle is 5,000 kilometers, and the specific replacement cycle and usage should be judged based on the vehicle-related information.

Not all models are suitable for owners to change their own oil, but we can learn to see the oil ruler, in order to determine whether the oil to the replacement time. Also, the oil filter must be replaced while changing the oil.

Second, the use of antifreeze common sense

Antifreeze is best used throughout the year, in addition to the function of anti-freeze cooling, antifreeze also has the effect of cleaning, rust removal, and anti-corrosion to reduce the corrosion of the tank and protect the engine. Note that the color of the antifreeze should be chosen correctly and do not mix it.

Third, the use of brake oil common sense

The function of the braking system is closely related to the brake fluid. When checking the replacement of brake pads, brake disks and other hardware, do not forget to see if the brake fluid needs to be replaced.

Fourth, transmission oil

In order to ensure the flexible steering of the car, it is necessary to check the transmission oil frequently. Regardless of whether it is gear oil or automatic transmission oil, pay attention to the type of oil product, which is usually high.

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