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Car maintenance in Autumn

- Mar 18, 2018-

For your health, please wash the car air-conditioning. Summer is a high-frequency season for automotive air conditioning, so automotive air conditioning filter elements are prone to mildew, which leads to the growth of various bacteria. Experienced car owners may notice that car air conditioners suddenly turn on when they are not used for a long time. Mouldy taste is the reason. Driving in such an environment can easily lead to illness. Therefore, the first trick of autumn car maintenance, we must do a comprehensive maintenance of car air conditioners.

Folding oil, liquid change

Oil refers to: oil, transmission oil, brake oil. This, needless to say, maintenance is king and safety comes first.

Liquid refers to: antifreeze. Autumn is coming, and winter is not far away. If you use tap water instead of antifreeze at this time, I can only say that your car cooling system will be severely tested.

Folding wiper

It seems to be a small thing, but if it is not useful when it is available, it will be very troublesome. After summer heat, the car's wiper is very easy to deform. Therefore, there must be a wiper in the autumn car maintenance.

Folding car tires

Car tires are made of rubber, and often undergo thermal expansion and contraction, and they are most likely to deform and even cause breakage. After summer heat, car tires have also undergone a lot of tests. In the fall car maintenance, we must check whether the car tires have side drums, cracks and other adverse conditions, so that autumn car care replacement Tires are also a top priority.

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